Introduction: Cell-wide settings

Cell-wide settings is a term that describes values that apply across the entire WebSphere Application Server configuration.

The configuration data files for WebSphere Application Server are XML files. The XML files exist in one of several directories in the configuration repository tree.

The directory in which a configuration file exists determines its scope, or how broadly or narrowly that data applies. Files in an individual server directory apply to that specific server only. Files in a node-level directory apply to every server on that node. Files in a cluster directory apply to the cluster members only. Files in the cell directory apply to every server on every node within the entire cell.

Cell-wide configuration files are replicated to every node in the cell. Several different configuration settings apply to the entire cell. These settings include the definition of virtual hosts, shared libraries, and some variables.

We can also set all of these values for a stand-alone application server profile as well.

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