Checkpoint settings

Use this page to view configurations of a checkpoint. Repository checkpoints represent saved images of the repository before configuration changes are made. Checkpoints can be either full or delta images. To view this console page, click System administration > Extended repository service > Repository checkpoints > checkpoint_name.

If we are a user with a monitor or an operator role, we can only view the repository checkpoint information. If we are a user with a configurator or an administrator role, you have all configuration privileges for repository checkpoints.


Checkpoint type, either full or delta.


Checkpoint sequence number that is generated by the system.

Each delta checkpoint has a sequence number. The highest sequence number represents the most recent delta checkpoint. We can restore delta checkpoints in descending sequence number only. After the configuration repository is restored from a delta checkpoint, the product creates a checkpoint containing the configuration before restoration.


Date and time of checkpoint creation.


Specifies a checkpoint description.


File name of a configuration document in the checkpoint.


Location in the master configuration repository where the document originated.

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