Repository checkpoint collection

Use this page to create, delete, restore, and export checkpoints. Repository checkpoints represent saved images of the repository before configuration changes are made. Checkpoints can be either full or delta images. A full checkpoint is created manually by an administrator and is a copy of the entire configuration repository, including applications and connectors. A delta checkpoint is created automatically when the configuration is changed and contains copies of the affected configuration documents before the changes are made. Use checkpoints to restore the configuration repository back to a prior state.

Use a full checkpoint to restore the entire configuration repository back to the state it was in at the time the full checkpoint was made.

Use delta checkpoints to undo recent changes. Each delta checkpoint has a sequence number. The highest sequence number represents the most recent delta checkpoint. We can restore delta checkpoints in descending sequence number only. After the configuration repository is restored from a delta checkpoint, the product creates a checkpoint containing the configuration before restoration. To view this console page, click System administration > Extended repository service > Repository checkpoints.

If we are a user with a monitor or an operator role, we can view only the repository checkpoint information. If we are a user with a configurator or an administrator role, you have all configuration privileges for repository checkpoints.

Button Resulting action
New Accesses a page on which we can create a full checkpoint of the configuration repository. To create a full checkpoint, you must have the configurator or administrator role.

The operation to create a full checkpoint runs a long time. While the product creates the checkpoint, the repository is locked. You have only read access to configuration data while the checkpoint is created. Any attempt to make a configuration change during this operation fails.

Delete Delete the selected checkpoint. We can delete any full checkpoint. As to delta checkpoints, we can only delete the oldest delta checkpoint.
Restore Replaces existing product configuration documents with documents in the selected checkpoint. Restore delta checkpoints in descending sequence number order only.

Before selecting to restore a checkpoint, you might click on the checkpoint name and view the documents in the checkpoint to confirm that the selected checkpoint contains the wanted configuration.

Export Accesses the Export repository checkpoints page, which you use to export configuration documents in the selected checkpoint to a compressed file at a location of the choice. Click the compressed file name to specify the location. Use the Export action to back up and preserve configuration documents.


Name of the checkpoint. Automatic checkpoints have a calculated name of the form: Delta sequence_number.


Number of configuration documents in the checkpoint.


Type of checkpoint.

We can create two types of checkpoints full and delta:

Full checkpoint

A complete copy of the entire configuration repository. A full checkpoint is useful to take a snapshot of a known working configuration to establish a baseline. We can create a full checkpoint by clicking New.

Delta checkpoint

If we enable automatic repository checkpoints, delta checkpoints are created automatically by the system each time a configuration change is made. As the name implies, a delta checkpoint is not a full copy of the configuration, but rather, it is a subset.


Sequence number of the checkpoint. This value is system-generated. We can restore delta checkpoints in reverse sequence number order only. Click the up and down arrows in the sequence column to sort the rows in ascending and descending order.


Date and time when the checkpoint was made.


Specifies a description of the checkpoint. Automatic checkpoints have the description Autosave delta image.

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