Extended repository service settings

Use this page to configure the repository checkpoint location and to enable automatic checkpoints. The extended repository service enables you to back up and restore the configuration repository. The configuration repository contains documents that manage the product configuration. To view this console page, click System administration > Extended repository service.

We can create repository checkpoints to save snapshots of the configuration as you make changes, so that we can undo those changes if necessary. We can configure the repository to create automatic delta checkpoints each time you make a configuration change. A delta checkpoint saves a copy of the configuration documents prior to saving the changes. We can specify the number of automatic checkpoints to save. After this limit is reached, the next checkpoint replaces the oldest.

If we are a user with a monitor or an operator role, we can only view the repository checkpoint information. If we are a user with a configurator or an administrator role, you have all configuration privileges for repository checkpoints.

Repository location

Specifies a read-only value for the file system location of the master repository.

Repository checkpoint location

File system location where checkpoints are stored. This value must conform to the platform-file system-path syntax.

Enable automatic repository checkpoints

Whether to make automatic delta checkpoints of configuration documents that are about to change before each configuration change.

Automatic checkpoint depth

Number of automatic delta checkpoints to save in the repository. The value must be an integer. When this limit is reached, the next automatic checkpoint causes deletion of the oldest automatic checkpoint.

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