Message details

Use the Message Details panel of the console to view detailed information about errors, warnings, and informational messages.

To view these console pages, click Troubleshooting. Expand Runtime Messages and click either Runtime Error, Runtime Warning, or Runtime Information. Click a message to display this panel.

Each message has the following general property fields.


The message ID and text.

Message type

Error, Warning, or Information.


A description of the message.

User action

What you should do about the message.

Message originator

The name of the product class that originated the message.

Source object type

The name of the component that originated the message.


The date and time that the message originated.

Thread ID

The thread identifier.

Node name

The name of the node of the application server that originated the message.

Server name

The name of the application server process that originated the message.

Diagnostic Provider ID

The Diagnostic Provider ID of the component that originated the message. Click on Configuration Data, State Data, or Tests to run the corresponding diagnostic action against the originating component. A Diagnostic Provider ID will not be supplied with all messages.

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