Custom service collection

Use this page to view a list of services available to the application server and to see whether the services are enabled. A custom service provides the ability to plug into an application server and define code that runs when the server starts or shuts down. To view this console page, click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name. Then, in the Server Infrastructure section, click Administration > Custom services.

If we are developing a custom service for a node agent, click System administration > Node agents > node_agent_name. Then, in the Additional Properties section, click Custom services to view this console page.

External Configuration URL

Specifies the URL for a custom service configuration file.

If the custom services class requires a configuration file, the value provides a fully-qualified path name to that configuration file. This file name is passed into the custom service class.


Class name of the service implementation. This class must implement the Custom Service interface.

Display Name

Name of the service.

Enable service at server startup

Whether the server attempts to start and initialize the service when its containing process (the server) starts. By default, the service is not enabled when its containing process starts.


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