Repository service custom properties

Use this page to add custom properties for the repository service.

We can specify repository service custom properties in the console:

  1. In the console navigation, click System Administration > Node agents.

  2. Select a node agent from the list.

  3. Under Additional Properties, click File synchronization service.

  4. Under Additional Properties, click Custom properties.

  5. Click New.

  6. Enter the name of the custom property in the Name field, and the value in the Value field. We can leave the Description field blank.

(zos) We can use the custom properties page to define the following repository service custom properties:

(zos) recoveryNode

Specifies that a node is a recovery node. This property is only supported for a z/OS environment.

Set to true if you want a node in a Network Deployment cell to act as a peer restart and recovery node for another node in the same cell. The recovery node shadows the complete configuration of its recovery peer. Use this property if we need to support peer restart and recovery only and are not using a shared file system.

Information Value
Data type Boolean

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