Core group service settings

Use this page to set up the application server properties that relate to core groups. To view this console page, click Servers > Server Types > Application servers >server. Then in the Additional Properties section, select Core group service.

Click Save to save and synchronize the changes with all managed nodes.

Enable service at server startup

Select if you want the core group service, also known as the high availability manager service, to start on this process when the server starts. The core group service must be started before high availability functions, such as routing, and failover, work properly.

The default value for this setting is selected Before disabling the core group service for a server process, make sure that none of the components that this process uses require high availability functions.gotcha

Information Value
Default Core group service starts when the server starts.

Core group name

Name of the core group containing this application server as a member. To move a server to a different core group, in the console, click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings > core_group > Core group servers.

Information Value
Data type String

Allow activation

Select if high availability group members can be activated on this application server.

Is alive timer

Time interval, in seconds, at which the high availability manager will check the health of all of the active high availability group members that are running in this application server process. An active group member is a member that is able to accept work. If a group member fails, the application server on which the group member resides is stopped. If -1 is specified, the timer is disabled. If 0 (zero) is specified, the default value of 120 seconds is used.

The value specified for this property can be overridden for the high availability groups using a particular policy if the Is alive timer property for that policy specifies a different time interval. If the Is alive timer setting specified for a policy is greater than 0 (zero), the high availability manager uses that time interval, instead of the one specified at this level, when determining how frequently it should check the health of a high availability group member using that particular policy.gotcha

Information Value
Data type Any integer between -1 and 600, inclusive
Default 120 seconds

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