HTTP tunnel transport channel settings

Use this page to view and configure an HTTP tunnel transport channels. Inbound connections sent through this channel are tunneled over HTTP, allowing intermediates to view this data as the body of an HTTP message instead of in its natural format. This type of channel is often used to circumvent firewalls with protocol restrictions. To view this console page, click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name > Ports. Click on View associated transports for the port associated with the HTTP Tunnel transport channel whose settings to look at.

Transport channel name

Name of the HTTP tunnel transport channel.

The name field cannot contain the following characters: # \ / , : ; " * ? < > | = + & % '

This name must be unique across all channels within the product environment. For example, an HTTP tunnel transport channel and a TCP transport channel cannot have the same name if they reside within the same system.

Information Value
Data type string

Discrimination weight

Priority this channel has in relation to the other channels in this transport chain. This property is only used when port sharing is enabled and the transport chain includes multiple channels to which it might forward data. The channel in the chain with the lowest discrimination weight is the first one given the opportunity to look at incoming data and determine whether or not it owns that data.

Information Value
Data type Positive integer
Default 0


Object names: What the name string cannot contain

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