Transport chain settings

Use this page to view a list of the types of transport channels configured for the selected transport chain. A transport chain consists of one or more types of channels, each of which supports a different type of I/O protocol, such as TCP, HTTP, or DCS. To view this console page, click Servers > Server Types , and then click either WebSphere application servers or WebSphere proxy servers. Click a server name, and then click Ports > View associated transports for the port whose transport chains you want view, and then click the name of a specific chain.


Name of the selected transport chain.

We can edit this field to rename this transport chain. However, remember that the name must be unique within the product configuration.


When checked, this transport chain is activated at application server or proxy server startup.

Transport channels

Lists the transport channels configured for this transport chain and their configuration settings. Click the name of a transport channel to view the configuration settings for that channel.

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