Installation Manager installation kits

Use this page to specify where to store the IBM Installation Manager installation kits. After you have specified the installation kit location, we can view a detailed list of the installation kits that are available in that location and add or delete installation kits from the list. To view this console page, click Jobs > Installation Manager installation kits.

We can view the Installation Manager installation kits from a centralized location. For each installation kit, the list includes detailed information on name, size, version, operating system, and platform. Use the refresh button to generate a list of the installation kits in the specified location and use the add or delete buttons to add or delete installation kits from the list.

Button Resulting action
Add Opens the Add page. On the Add page, we can specify the location of installation kits to add to the list of stored Installation Manager installation kits.
Delete To delete an installation kit from the list, select the installation kit that you would like to delete from your list and then select Delete.

Avoid trouble: Deleting an installation kit from the list also deletes the installation kit file from the machine.gotcha

Refresh Generates or refreshes a list of installation kits that are available in the specified installation kit location.

We can use wildcards, such as asterisk (*), percent (%), and question mark (?) to search for installation kits.

Installation Manager installation kits location

Installation directory of the Installation Manager.


File name of the installation kit.


Size in megabytes of the installation kit.


Version number of the installation kit.

Operating System

Specifies the operating system of the installation kit.


Specifies the graphical widget toolkit that the installation kit uses.


Platform of the installation kit.

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