DataPower appliance manager tasks collection

Use this page to view the status of a task. A task is a long running request that you have asked the DataPower appliance manager to process. We can remove a task from the list of pending tasks. However, removing a task from that list does not prevent that task from running.

This page lists the long running tasks that need to be completed for an appliance. If we notice that a error has occurred during the processing of a task, we can find additional information about that error in the deployment manager log. This additional information might help you to diagnose the problem.

There are additional tasks that the appliance manager automatically runs used to maintain the state of the managed sets. These tasks are not included in the list of long running tasks. However, if an error occurs while one of these tasks are running, the error is also recorded in the deployment manager log. To view this console page, click Servers > DataPower > Tasks.

To remove a task, select the task identifier (ID) in the list of tasks, and click Remove.

Tasks are automatically deleted after 24 hours to save memory.

Avoid trouble: Remove a task does not stop the task from being completed, nor does it delete the task. Even though you are no longer able to view the task, the appliance manager still executes the task when it gets to that task in the queue of tasks to execute. The only way to interrupt a running task, or prevent the appliance manager from running a task, is to shutdown the appliance manager. Shutting down the appliance manager terminates all running and queued tasks.gotcha

Task ID

Specifies an automatically generated ID number for a task.

Creation Date

Date on which the task was created


Specifies information about the task.


Result for the completed task, such as the serial number for an added appliance.

Created By

Username of the user who issued the request that resulted in the task being created. This field is blank if security is not enabled for the deployment manager.


Whether the task is completed, or is still in progress. Valid states include: Completed, Error, In progress, and Queued.

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