Settings version Collection

Use this page to view detailed information about a specific settings version for the appliances in a managed set. A settings version is an automatically generated copy of the shareable appliance settings for the appliances in a managed set.

We can also use this page to specify a description for this settings version, or we can click Copy settings version to another managed set to copy this settings version to another managed set. For example, if you have a managed set on a test system, and a different managed set on a production system, we can use this copy capability to ensure that you are using the same sharable appliance settings version on both managed sets.

When you copy a settings version to a different managed set, the copied settings version becomes the active version for the destination managed set. To view this console page, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets > managedset_name, and then, in the Settings section, click Version history.


Numeric value that represents a settings version. When you change the sharable appliance settings for the master appliance in a managed set, the appliance manager automatically detects the change, and creates a copy of the change as a new settings version. This is a read-only field.

Date stored

Specifies the date when the settings version was created and stored in the DataPower appliance manager. This is a read-only field.


Specifies information about the settings version. When a settings version is automatically generated, a default description is provided.

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