Settings history collection for a DataPower appliance manager

Use this page to view the settings history for a DataPower appliance manager. A settings version is an automatically generated copy of the sharable appliance settings for the master appliance in a managed set.

To view this page, in the console, click Servers > DataPower appliances > Managed sets > managedset_name > Settings > Version history > Details.

The newest version of the settings is, by default, the active version. To change from the current settings version to a settings version in the list, select the appropriate version number in the list, and click Change Settings Version.


Numeric value that represents a settings version. When you change the shareable appliance settings for a master appliance in a managed set, the appliance manager automatically detects the change, and creates a copy of the change as a new settings version.

In Use

Specifies which version is active. The active version is automatically synchronized to all of the appliances in the managed set. Only one version can be active at a time.

Date stored

Date when the settings version was created and stored in the DataPower appliance manager.


Specifies user-defined information about the settings version.

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