Appliance manager settings

Use this page to specify global settings for the DataPower appliance manager. We can also use this page to shutdown the appliance manager. To view this console page, click Servers > DataPower > Appliance manager settings.

We can then click:

Maximum versions stored

Maximum number of domain and settings versions that can be stored in the DataPower appliance manager. For example, if specified a value of 3, for each managed set, we can have 3 sharable settings versions, and 3 versions of each managed domain.

We can view the shareable appliance settings version history, or the domain versions history to determine which versions are available for specific managed sets.

To view the sharable settings version history for a managed set, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets > managed_ set_name > Settings Version history

To view the version history for a managed domain for a managed set, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets > managed_ set_name > Managed Domains > .managed_domain_name > Version history

Versions directory

Specifies the directory into which you want the versions stored. Whenever the DataPower appliance manager detects a change in the sharable appliance settings, or a managed domain on the master appliance for a managed set, a new sharable appliance settings, or managed domain version is automatically created.


Whether the appliance manager is started or stopped. Click Shutdown Manager to stop the appliance manager.

DataPower appliance manager automatically starts when the deployment manager starts if there are appliances for the appliance manager to control. The appliance manager also automatically starts when requests are sent to the appliance manager.

If the status is stopped, the DataPower appliance manager automatically restarts the next time that you send a request to the appliance manager.

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