Firmware collection

To add a new firmware version to the appliance manager, view existing firmware versions, or delete a firmware version from the appliance manager. A firmware version must exist in the appliance manager before that version can be designated as the active firmware version for a managed set.

This page lists the firmware versions that can be used for appliances managed by DataPower appliance manager.

To view the settings for a specific firmware version, click that firmware version in the list of available versions. The displayed firmware settings page shows the values specified for that firmware version. On the settings page, we can change the settings for the selected firmware version.

To add a new firmware version, click New.

To delete an existing firmware version, select the version to delete and click Delete.


Numeric version, or level, of the firmware. When combined with an appliance type, model type, and licensed features, the numeric version, or level, uniquely identifies a firmware version.

Appliance Type

Type of appliance that the firmware version is used for. Some appliance types include XA35, XS40, and XI50. The appliance type is based on the purpose for using the appliance.

Model Type

Numeric value for the appliance model. Some model types include 9001, 9002, and 9003.

Licensed Features

Specifies a comma-separated list of the licensed features that are on this appliance. All of the appliances in a managed set must have the same appliance type, model type and licensed features. Firmware has a list of the licensed features contained in the firmware. Any firmware that is loaded onto an appliance must have a list of licensed features that is compatible with the licensed features that are on that appliance.

Because managed sets contain appliances that all must be of the same appliance type, model type and licensed features, we cannot use a firmware with a managed set that has licensed features that are incompatible with the appliances in that managed set. If we attempt to load a firmware that has a list of features that is incompatible with the licensed features of the appliance, the firmware does not load, and an error message is issued.

Release Date

Date when the firmware was released by the manufacturer.

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