New appliance settings for the DataPower appliance

Use this page to specify the settings for an appliance that you are adding to the DataPower appliance manager. To view this console page, click Servers > DataPower > Appliances > New.


User-defined symbolic name for a DataPower appliance.

An appliance name must be unique, and cannot contain the following invalid characters: # $ @ \ / , : ; " * ? < > | = + & % '.

Host name

Specifies an IP address or the fully qualified host name of a DataPower appliance.

Administrative port

Specifies the XML management interface port used by the appliance.

User ID

User ID used by DataPower appliance manager to log into an appliance.


Password for the user ID provided.

Verify password

Also specifies the password for the user ID provided. If we change the password value, you must respecify the new value in this field to ensure that you entered it correctly.

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