WebSphere variables collection

Use this page to view and change the defined product variables with their values. We can also use this page to create a new variable, or delete an existing variable. These variables are name and value pairs used to provide the settings for the string data type configuration attributes contained in one of the XML formatted configuration files that reside in the product repository. To view this console page, click Environment > WebSphere variables.

To display a list of all of the variables defined for a specific scope, select that scope.

To view additional information about a specific variable, or to change the setting for that variable, click the variable name. Some of the pre-defined variables, that is, variables that already exist when you install the product, are set at values required for the product to function properly. The Value fields for these variables are read-only and cannot be edited.

To define a new variable, select the appropriate scope from the list of available options and then click New. The selected scope indicates the level at which the variable setting is visible.

To delete an existing variable, select the appropriate variable, and then click Delete. Do not delete any of the pre-defined variables. Before deleting a variable definedd, make sure that none of the applications require the configuration attribute setting that the variable provides.


Symbolic name for a WAS variable. For example, a variable name might represent a physical path or URL root used by WebSphere Application Server.


Value that the symbolic name represents. For example, the value might be an absolute path value for a file or URL root.


Level at which a WebSphere variable is visible on the console panel. The scope is specified when a new variable is defined.

A resource can be visible in the console collection table at the node or server scope.

On a multiple-server product, a resource also can be visible at the cell or cluster scope. The cluster scope is only available if a cluster is defined for the cell.


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