Node collection

Use this page to manage nodes in the WAS environment. Nodes group managed servers. The table lists the managed and unmanaged nodes in this cell. The first node is the deployment manager. Add new nodes to the cell and to the list by clicking Add Node. To view this console page, click System administration > Nodes.


Name for a node that is unique within the cell.

A node corresponds to a physical computer system with a distinct IP host address. The node name is usually the same as the host name for the computer.


Product name and version number of the node.

The product version is the version of a WAS for managed nodes.

For unmanaged nodes on which we can define web servers, the version displays as not applicable

The base edition of WAS (base) is listed in the version column as Base. The express edition of WAS is listed in the version column as Express. The WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment product is listed in the version column as ND.

The product in the version column indicates the product that you used to create the profile, not the type of profile that you installed. For example, if you use the WAS Network Deployment product to install a profile type of application server, the version column indicates ND.

Discovery protocol

Protocol that servers use to discover the presence of other servers on this node.

The possible protocol options follow:


User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)


Indicates that the node is either synchronized, not synchronized, unknown, or not applicable.

Button Node Status Description

Synchronized The configuration files on this node are synchronized with the deployment manager.

Not synchronized The configuration files on this node are not synchronized with the deployment manager and are out-of-date. Perform a synchronize operation to get the latest configuration changes on the node.

After a deployment manager or node agent restart, nodes are assumed to be out of synchronization until the first synchronize operation is performed.

Unknown The state of the configuration file cannot be determined because the node agent cannot be reached for this node.

Not applicable The status column is not applicable for this node because the node is an unmanaged node.


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