Node group collection

Use this page to manage node groups. A node group is a collection of WAS nodes. A node group defines a boundary for server cluster formation.

Nodes that are organized into a node group should be enough alike in terms of installed software, available resources, and configuration to enable servers on those nodes to host the same applications as part of a server cluster. The deployment manager does no validation to guarantee that nodes in a given node group have anything in common.

Node groups are optional and are established at the discretion of the WebSphere administrator. However, a node must be a member of a node group. Initially, all Application Server nodes are members of the default node group. The default node group is DefaultNodeGroup.

A node can be a member of more than one node group.

(zos) An Application Server node must be a member of a sysplex node group. Nodes in the same sysplex must be in the same sysplex node group. A node can only be in one sysplex node group. Sysplex node groups are special node groups that the system manages.

- Nodes on distributed platforms and the IBM i platform cannot be members of a node group containing a node on a z/OS platform. However, nodes on distributed platforms and nodes on the IBM i platform can be members of the same node group.

To delete a node group, the node group must be empty. The default node group cannot be deleted. To view this console page, click System administration > Node groups.


Name for a node group that is unique within the cell.


Number of members or nodes in the node group.


Specifies a description defined for the node group.


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