Node settings

Use this page to view or change the configuration or topology settings for either a managed node instance or an unmanaged node instance.

A managed node is a node with an Application Server and a node agent that belongs to a cell. An unmanaged node is a node defined in the cell topology that does not have a node agent running to manage the process. Unmanaged nodes are typically used to manage web servers. To view this console page, click System administration > Nodes > node.


Logical name for the node. The name must be unique within the cell.

A node name usually is identical to the host name for the computer. However, you choose the node name. We can make the node name some name other than the host name.

Information Value
Data type String

(zos) Short Name

Name of a node. The name is 1-8 characters, alphanumeric or national language. It cannot start with a numeric.

The short name property is defined during installation and customization. However, we can change the short name using the command.

Host Name

Host name of the unmanaged node added to the configuration.

Information Value
Date type String
Default None

Discovery Protocol

Protocol that the node follows to retrieve information from a network. The Discovery protocol setting is only valid for managed nodes.

Select from one of these protocol options:


User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Information Value
Data type String
Default TCP
Range Valid values are UDP or TCP.

UDP is faster than TCP, but TCP is more reliable than UDP because UDP does not guarantee delivery of datagrams to the destination. Between these two protocols, the default of TCP is recommended.

File permissions

Most lenient file permissions for the application files that the product extracts into the application destination location. A deployer can override the permissions by configuring the permissions at the application level. However, if the file permissions specified at the application level are more lenient than the ones specified at the node, the ones specified at the node are used. The File permissions setting is only valid for managed nodes.

Information Value
Data type String
Default 755 , or rwx-rx-rx, for files that end in .dll, .so, .a and .sl if no value is set

Platform type

Specifies the operating system on which the unmanaged node runs.

Valid options are:

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