Cell settings for deployment managers

Use this page to set the discovery protocol and address end point for an existing cell. A cell is a configuration concept, a way for an administrator to logically associate nodes according to whatever criteria make sense in the administrator's organizational environment. To view this console page, click System administration > Cell.


Name of the existing cell.

A cell name must be unique in any circumstance in which the product is running on the same physical machine or cluster of machines, such as a sysplex. Additionally, a cell name must be unique in any circumstance in which network connectivity between entities is required either between the cells or from a client that must communicate with each of the cells. Cell names must also be unique if their namespaces are federated. Otherwise, you might encounter symptoms such as a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException error, in which case, create uniquely named cells.

(zos) Short Name

Short name of the cell. The name is 1-8 characters, alphanumeric or national language. It cannot start with a numeric.

The short name property is read only. It was defined during installation and customization.

Cell Discovery Protocol

Protocol that the nodes use to contact and discover the deployment manager in the cell.

Select one of these protocol options:


User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Information Value
Default TCP

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