Node installation properties

Use this page to view read-only installation properties for this node. These properties provide information about the capabilities of the node that are collected during product installation time, such as the operating system name, architecture and version, or WebSphere Application Server product levels that are installed on the node. To view this console page, click System administration > Nodes > node > Node installation properties.

Information about a node, such as operating system platform and product features, is maintained in the configuration repository in the form of properties. As product features are installed on a node, new property settings are added.

WebSphere Application Server system management uses the managed object metadata properties as follows:

For detailed information about the following properties, see the Application Server (API).

The product short name for the WAS installed.

The version of WAS installed.

The operating system platform on which the node runs.


The sysplex name on a z/OS operating system.

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