Job manager settings

Use this page to configure the job manager server and view its properties. We can specify the default job expiration, the job manager web address, and the mail session JNDI name. To view this console page, click System administration > Job manager.


Specifies the job manager server name. The name is read-only.

Default job expiration

Default job expiration time in days.

Information Value
Data type Integer
Default 60

Maximum database results

Maximum number of records that can be retrieved during a job manager find operation. Find operations might be for records on jobs, nodes, and node resources.

This maximum number of records can be reduced by the maximum results setting on a find operation. For example, assume specified the maximum results to display for finding nodes at 50, but maximum database results is set to 10000. If we have 20000 jobs, the find operation finds 50 nodes.

Information Value
Data type Integer
Default 10000

Job manager URL

Specifies the web address of the job manager that the administrative agent uses to fetch jobs.

The web address specified is used only when the job manager is configured as a proxy server. The web address overrides the default web address. If we modify the web address, you must reregister the nodes with the job manager. The change affects only the nodes previously registered.

Information Value
Data type String
Default http://host:port/otis/OMADMServlet

The host and port are those of the job manager unless you use a web server. In that case, change the host and port to that of the web server.

Mail session JNDI name

Specifies an optional mail session JNDI name to be used for email notifications on job completion.

Information Value
Data type String
Default None

Email sender's address

Email address of the sender of the notification message that the job manager provides when jobs have completed. This setting is required if specified a JNDI mail session on the Mail session JNDI name setting.

Start components as needed

Whether to start the server components as they are needed for applications that run on this server.

Select this property if you want the server components started as they are needed.

When this property is not selected, all the server components are started during the startup process. Therefore, selecting this property typically results in improved startup time because fewer components are started during the startup process.

Avoid trouble: If we are running other WebSphere products on top of this product, make sure that those other products support this functionality prior to selecting this property.gotcha

Process ID

Read-only process ID of the job manager.

Cell name

Read-only cell name of the job manager.

Node name

Read-only node name of the job manager.


Read-only state of the job manager, such as started or stopped.

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