Java SDK collection

Use this page to specify the default SDK for a node. This page lists the software development kits that are installed on the node. A node can have one default SDK. Servers on the node use the default SDK unless a server overrides the SDK selection and specifies a different SDK. To view this console page, go to the Java SDK page of the node or server for which to specify a default SDK:

To specify a default SDK for the node or server, select an SDK from the list and click Make Default.


Name of an SDK installed on the node.


Version number of the SDK.


Path of the SDK installation.


Number of bits for the SDK.

Distributed and IBM i software development kits can have 32-bit or 64-bit modes. The z/OS SDK has 64-bit and 31-bit modes.

The number of bits might be shown in the SDK name; for example, 1.6_32 for the 32-bit SDK version 1.6. However, do not rely upon the SDK name for the number of bits. Use the Bits value to determine the number of bits for the SDK.


Whether the SDK is the current default SDK for the node. A true value indicates that the SDK is the default. A false value indicates that the SDK is not the default.

A node can have no more than one SDK with a true value. A node can have many software development kits with a false value.

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