Node collection for the administrative agent

Use this page to view the application server nodes that are registered to the administrative agent. The administrative agent provides a single interface to the registered nodes.

To view this administrative console page, click System administration > Administrative agent > Nodes.

On multiple-server products, application server nodes already registered to an administrative agent also can be registered to job managers. Job managers enable you to asynchronously submit and administer jobs for large numbers of unfederated application servers, deployment managers, and host computers over a geographically dispersed area.

Button Resulting action
Register with Job Manager Registers the selected node with a job manager. The node must already be registered with an administrative agent. Also, the node must be at an equal or lesser version number than the job manager. A Version 8 job manager can manage Version 8 and 7 nodes. A Version 7 job manager can manage Version 7 nodes. The fix pack portion of the version number does not matter; for example, a Version job manager can manage a node at Version, which is Version 7 with fix pack 9 installed.
Unregister from a Job Manager Unregisters the selected node from a job manager.


Name for an application server node that is registered to the administrative agent. The name is read-only.

(zos) Unique ID

Unique ID of this application server.

The unique ID property is read-only. The system automatically generates the value.

Information Value
Data type String


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