Configure a dynamic cluster with homogeneous nodes to support vertical stacking

We can configure vertical stacking for a dynamic cluster with nodes that have similar computing power by updating settings in the console.

When vertical stacking is enabled, all stacked instances must be started on a given node in order to fully utilize the processing power of that node. If all instances are not started, for instance if the cluster is in manual mode, then it may not be possible to use all of that node's processing power, even if the cluster is being heavily loaded. gotcha

We can enable vertical stacking when creating the dynamic cluster, or we can modify the settings on an existing dynamic cluster to enable vertical stacking. To modify the settings on an existing dynamic cluster.

  1. In the console, click Servers > Clusters > Dynamic clusters > dynamic_cluster_name.

  2. To enable vertical stacking, click Allow more than one instance to start on the same node.

  3. Enter the number of instances to start on the same node. Stacking number that you calculated.

What to do next

Tune and monitor the application placement configuration.

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