Tune ODR persistent connections

Tune the persistent connection settings for ODR performance to minimize the time you spend setting up new connections and taking down older connections during a barrage of requests. Primarily, this tuning is relevant to the connections between the ODR and the application servers.

Modify the JVM heap settings. For more information about the JVM settings, read about modifying the JVM heap size for the on demand router.

Adjust the application server's number of persistent requests so that the ODR reuses the connection to the application server for as long as it can. To do this, configure the ODR transport chain to tune inbound connections to the ODR. To tune outbound connections from the ODR, configure the transport chains of the application servers that are members of a dynamic cluster. To do so, configure the transport chain of the dynamic cluster from within the dynamic cluster server template. Changes to the dynamic cluster's server template are automatically applied to all cluster members.

You should set number of persistent requests high enough to avoid having to bring down and recreate a connection during a barrage of requests, so set the value to at least the number of requests in a single barrage of request. The barrage can be a single page with associated data with a long think time, or a series of pages and associated data in short succession. Setting a value higher than the number of requests in a single barrage of request will not negatively affect performance provided the persistent timeout is set appropriately to close idle connections.

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