Define service policies for generic server clusters

Optionally, we can define service policies for generic server clusters.

Use the administrative console to define service policies for generic server clusters by clicking Servers > Server types > On demand routers > ODR_name > On demand router properties > Generic server cluster service properties.

  1. Select a work class for HTTP requests and click New.

  2. Type a name for the work class in the Name field.

  3. Click Finish to confirm the new work class.

  4. To set a URI match condition for an existing rule, type the name of the URI in the If URI matches field, and from the For virtual host list, select a host name. These fields are required.

  5. If a work class has no rules, from the If no classification rules apply, then classify to this transaction class list assign the work class to a transaction class. This field is required whether or not rules exist and is the default action in the absence of rules.

  6. Click Apply or OK to commit the new rule settings.

What to do next

After creating the ODR and apply any optional configuration parameters, we can define the ability to route work to nodes that are not running Intelligent Management.

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