Configure rewriting rules

We can configure rewriting rules to redirect requests to the proxy server, which then routes the requests to the target server. The proxy server acts as an intermediary for HTTP requests that are serviced by application servers or Web servers.

Typically, the proxy server recognizes which target server is active and routes all administrative communication to that target. In some cases, however, a target server might receive a request without the proxy server intercepting that request. Rewriting rules modify URLs to point requests to the proxy server instead of pointing requests directly to a target server.

  1. Click Servers > Server types > On demand routers > odr_name > On demand router properties > Rewriting rules > New in the administrative console.

  2. Type the original URL pattern in the From URL pattern field. The pattern can include the following wild card symbol: *

  3. Type the modification for the URL in the To URL pattern field. The pattern can include the following wild card symbol: *

    For example, you receive a redirected response with the original location header of http://internalserver/secure/page.html. You configure a rule with the following patterns:

    • http://internalserver/* as the From URL pattern

    • http://publicserver/* as the To URL pattern

    As a result, the rule rewrites the location header as http://publicserver/secure/page.html.

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