Deploy enterprise applications

By deploying applications to dynamic clusters, requests to the application can be managed autonomically. The dynamic cluster can expand and contract with application server virtualization. By deploying applications to dynamic clusters, you enable application virtualization.

Verify that Intelligent Management is running and you have access to an application for installation. Configure a dynamic cluster. We must know the specific cell and dynamic cluster on which to deploy.

When you deploy the application to a dynamic cluster that is in automatic mode, the product can automatically control the size and placement of dynamic clusters on the nodes, according to the business goals of the application.

  1. Deploy the application to the dynamic cluster. In the console, click Applications > New application or Applications > Install new middleware application > Java EE.

    Restriction: The application name must be unique among all the applications that are deployed in the cell.

    For example, we cannot deploy a PHP application and a Java EE application that have the same name.

  2. On the Map modules to application servers panel in the wizard, map the application to the cell and dynamic cluster name, or the deployment target, that is specific to the dynamic cluster.

  3. Complete the wizard panels and click Finish.

What to do next

Define a service policy for the newly deployed application.

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