Create middleware server templates

By creating a middleware server template, you save a copy of server configuration data to use as a starting point when creating a server.

Create a middleware server from which to create a template. For more information, read about adding middleware servers to configurations.

When creating a server template, you copy all of the configuration data for that server so that we can create other servers from the template. If the middleware servers each have a similar configuration, then a middleware server template can make creating more servers easier.

To create middleware server templates, use middleware server template administrative task commands, or follow this procedure in the administrative console:

  1. Go to the server templates collection page. In the administrative console, click All servers > Templates. The list of existing server templates is displayed.

  2. To create a middleware server template, click New. Choose the type of server template to create.

  3. Select an existing server from which to create the server template. Select a server and click OK.

  4. Specify a name and description for the server template.

  5. Click OK. To save the template to the master configuration, click Save.


A server template is created based on the configuration of the existing server.

What to do next

When creating a middleware server that is the same type of server selecteded to create the template, we can choose the template as the starting point for the configuration of the new server.

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