Configure middleware server operations

We can use server operations to run executable files on the middleware servers from the administrative console.

Server operations consist of Java or non-Java process definitions that we can define to run on middleware servers. We can create these operations to perform tasks such as enabling or disabling tracing, starting or stopping applications, and querying the running state of the server.

Use middleware server management administrative tasks commands to specify server operations, or use the administrative console. If we use the administrative console to specify server operations, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the server operations wizard. In the administrative console, click Servers > All servers > middleware _server > Server operations > New.

  2. Specify the properties for the server operation. The properties are different if you choose a Java or non-Java server operation.

    For operations that run non-Java and Java executable files:

    • Specify a name for the action, the name of the executable file, and any arguments to pass to the executable file.

    • Specify variables for the user name and password, and specify the actual values to pass for the user name and password at the time the executable file runs.

    • Specify the operating systems on which the executable files can run.

    • Specify a working directory, which is where to run the executable file.

    For operations that run Java executable files, you must also specify the following properties:

    • Specify the location of the Java executable directory.

    • Specify the type of target: a Java class, or an executable JAR file.

    • Specify the environment variable that stores the process ID (PID) file name. The PID file name is stored in a WebSphere variable. Remember the name of the variable so that we can create the variable in a later step.

  3. Create the PID file name environment variable. The PID file name specifies the location of the PID file where the server operation runs. To define the PID file name variable, click Servers > All servers > middleware _server > Variables > New or Environment > WebSphere variables > New. Enter the same name for the variable that you entered in the server operations panel, and for the value, enter the fully qualified or variable qualified location of the PID file.

  4. To run the server operation, select the operation from the list, and click Execute.

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