Configure the external log viewing service

To view the log files for externally created middleware servers, configure the external log viewing service. By using this service, we can view the log files for servers with the administrative console instead of viewing the log files on each node.

By configuring the external log viewing service, we can view logs for the other middleware servers in the administrative console. By default, some log files are configured to be viewed in the external log viewing service with the server template for your middleware server type. We can add to this default list of log files.

Restriction: We cannot use the graphical logs and trace settings that are included in WebSphere Application Server for other middleware server types, including middleware agents. Instead, use the external log viewing service to view the logs for these server types.

  1. Navigate to the external log service panel for the middleware server. In the administrative console, click Servers > All servers > middleware_server > External log service.

  2. To enable the remote log viewing services, select Enable remote log viewing services.

  3. List all the directories containing log files to view using the remote log viewer. Type a directory name, and click Add. The list contains all the paths to the log files. We can use variables such as ${USER_APP_SERVER_ROOT} in our file path.

  4. Click OK. To save the changes to the master configuration, click Save.

  5. View the log files. In the administrative console, click Servers > All servers > middleware_server. Click the Log viewer tab. Select a log file to view, and click Retrieve.


We can view the log file to troubleshoot any issues with your middleware server.

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