View middleware server configuration files

We can view and edit configuration files for the middleware servers in the console with the external configuration service.

By configuring the external configuration service, we can view and edit the configuration files for middleware servers from the console.

  1. Enable the external configuration service for the middleware server. In the console, click Servers > All servers > server_name > External configuration service. Select Enable external configuration service. Click OK.

  2. Specify the configuration files to edit or view in the console. Depending on the server type, one or more configuration files might be listed by default. To add a file to this list, enter the fully qualified path name of the file, and specify if this file is writable. Click Add to add the file to the list. To change the file permission for a file, select the file and click Toggle privileges.

  3. View and edit the configuration files. In the console, click Servers > All servers > server_name. Click the External configuration tab. Select the configuration file and click Retrieve. When you complete editing the file, click Apply to save the changes.

What to do next

View the log files for the middleware servers.

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