Add complete life-cycle middleware servers

We can configure complete life-cycle middleware servers so that the dynamic operations environment can govern all aspects of server operations, create and remove server instances, and deploy applications to the servers.

By configuring complete life-cycle servers, the environment performs the following tasks on the middleware servers:

Avoid trouble: On the administrative console, when you select Servers > All servers > middleware_server, and then click Stop for a middleware server that displays a status of Started, we can intermittently receive an error. The following message is an example of the error:

The server cannot be stopped from this page when this situation occurs.

As a work-around, complete one of the following actions to stop the started middleware server:


Follow the steps to create the complete life-cycle middleware server. The steps vary depending on the server type:

What to do next

We can create dynamic clusters of application servers, WebSphere Application Server Community Edition servers, and PHP servers.


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