Enable user profiles to run application servers with System i Navigator

Except for the default user profile (QEJBSVR), all user profiles used to run an application server must be enabled through the System i Navigator for the WAS.

The user profile that you use to run the System i Navigator must have *SECADM special authority to perform this task.

To enable a user profile to use the System i Navigator to run application servers:

  1. Open the System i Navigator.

  2. Right click the icon for the WAS.

  3. Select Application Administration on the menu.

  4. Click the Host Applications tab.



  7. Select QIBM_EJB_SERVER_FUNC, and click Customize

  8. In the Users and groups list box, select the user profile under which you want the application servers to run.

  9. Click the Add button to add the user profile to the Usage allowed list and then click OK.

  10. On the Application Administration panel, click OK.


The selected user profile can use the System i Navigator to run application servers.

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