Create generic servers

A generic server is a server that is managed in the WAS administrative domain even though the server is not a server supplied by WebSphere Application Server. The WebSphere Application Server generic servers function enables you to define a generic server as an application server instance within the WAS administration, and associate it with a non-WebSphere WebSphere Application Server or process.

There are two basic types of generic application servers:

Therefore, a generic server can be any server or process that is necessary to support the Application Server environment, including:

(zos) Generic application servers must be non-Java application processes that are either a started task or a shell script. We cannot create a Java application as a generic server for the product.

(zos) The following processes can be created as a generic server provided that they are either started tasks or a shell scripts:

We can use or the console to create a generic server.

What to do next

After you define a generic server, use the Application Server console to start, stop, and monitor the associated non-WebSphere Application Server server or process when stopping or starting the applications that rely on them.

Avoid trouble: Use Terminate or Stop buttons in the console to stop any application server, including a generic application server.gotcha


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