Resolve InDoubt units if you receive a BBOT00xxW message

If we receive a BBOT00xxW message, use RRS panels to view the outcome of other branches in the transaction and set the outcomes of InDoubt units to match the outcome of those other branches.

When a BBOT00xxW message is displayed, there is a possibility of an heuristic outcome. See z/OS MVS™ Programming: Resource Recovery for more information on how to use the RRS panels and what administrative access (RACF access to the facility class, for example) is needed to resolve URs and remove interests.

To remove an expression of interest in this UR if you receive any of the following error messages:

  1. Select option 3, Display/Update RRS Unit of Recovery information on the main RRS panel.

  2. To view the details of this URID, enter it in the URID Pattern field on the query panel. Press the Enter key to execute the query. The query results should display the UR. Take note of whether the state of this UR is InCommit, InBackout or InForget. In the column labeled S, enter v to display the details for this UR.

  3. Remove the OTS interest. The RRS Unit of Recovery Details panel opens. You will find the Expressions of Interest heading. This heading is followed by one or more rows that represent each individual expression of interest in this UR. Complete these steps to remove the OTS interest:

    1. Find the row that represents the OTS interest. This row will have an RM name in the form of BSS00.xxx.yyy.IBM, where xxx is the system to which the server was configured and yyy is the specific server name.

    2. Type r in the column labeled S to indicate to remove this interest.

    3. Press the Enter key to execute the query.

  4. Press the Enter key to confirm the removal of this interest. The RRS Remove Interest Confirmation panel opens. The RM name and UR identifier fields are pre-filled. Press the Enter key to confirm the removal of this interest.


You know you are done when RRS marks the subordinate server as restart anywhere. Determine this by choosing option 1 under Browse and RRS log stream, and then choosing sub-option 4 under RRS Resource Manager Data log.

What to do next

Any subordinate nodes that restart and ask this server about this UR can not obtain this information. If we restart the server containing these nodes, they might be assigned an outcome that is different from the outcome of the transaction. We must manually resolve these nodes before you bring up the servers and start the server for which you just released the UR.