Change ownership for profile maintenance

When an installer installs a maintenance package containing service for a profile that a non-root user owns, the installer owns any new files that the maintenance package creates. The installer can change our ownership of the new files so that a non-root user can successfully start the product.

This task assumes a basic familiarity with Installation Manager and system commands.

This task uses the following terms:

Before we can update a profile, install the product, and create a profile.

This example assumes that the installer completes the following actions:

If the installer does not change ownership, then when the non-root user starts the product, the application server encounters an error and issues a message that is similar to the following example:

  1. Install maintenance packages for the product.

  2. Reassign ownership of the entire profile directory to the wsdemo non-root user.

    The profile_root variable in the following examples is the profile directory that the non-root user owns.

    Issue the chown command.

      chown -R wsdemo profile_root

    Follow instructions in the Windows documentation to reassign ownership of the profile_root directory to the wsdemo non-root user.


The installer installed a maintenance package that creates new files in a non-root user profile directory and changes ownership of the new files to the non-root owner.

What to do next

The non-root user can start the product without receiving the ADMR0104E error message.