Configure IBM HTTP Server v8.5

(iseries) IBM HTTP Server v8.5 is not supported on IBM i.

(dist) The Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool configures the web server plug-in.

This topic describes how to configure IBM HTTP Server v8.5. Other procedures in Edit web server configuration files describe configuring other supported web servers.

Perform the step that configures IBM HTTP Server for your operating system.

Examples and messages are shown on more than one line for clarity. Place each directive in a web server configuration file on one line.

Local file path means a file path to the plugin-cfg.xml file on an application server that is on the same machine as the web server. Remote file path means the file path to the plugin-cfg.xml file when the application server is on a remote machine.

(dist) The Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool installs a dummy plugin-cfg.xml file during installation, but this file requires periodic propagation from the real file on the application server machine.

The node in the following application server local file paths is web_server_name_node for a standalone application server, or managed_node for a managed node.


This procedure results in editing and re-configuring IBM HTTP Server.

What to do next

The mod_was_ap22_http plug-in module requires the GSKIT SSL encryption library if the plug-in is configured to support encrypted connections to back-end WebSphere Application Servers.

Install the web server plug-ins installs the GSKIT SSL encryption library at the required level if it is not installed. If we manually copy the plug-in to a new machine, you might not have the required GSKIT libraries for encrypting backend connections.

After configuring a web server, we can install applications on it. See the Applications section of the information center for more information.

To unconfigure a web server, reverse the manual steps and remove what was manually added in this procedure.

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