Administer managed domain versions

We can change the version of a managed domain that the DataPower appliance manager uses for a managed set, or we can copy a version of a managed domain to another managed set.

Each time domain settings are changed, DataPower appliance manager automatically creates a copy of the previous domain settings as a new domain version. We can use the console to view a history of domain versions, change a different domain version to the active version, or copy a domain version to another managed set. Complete one or more of the following steps to administer managed domains.

  1. From the console, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets > managedset_name.

  2. In the Managed domains section, expand Managed domains, and then click the name of the managed domain whose history to view.

  3. Click Versions > Version history > Details to view a list of the versions of that managed domain.

    From the Domains history settings page, we can perform the following actions:

    1. Select a version, and click Change Domain Version to change the selected version to be the new active version

    2. Click a version number to view information about the version, or change the description for the version.

    3. In the Additional Properties section, click Copy to another managed set to copy the domain version to another managed set.


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