Modify DataPower appliance manager settings

We can change the global settings that apply to the DataPower appliance manager.

Complete the following actions to change the global settings that apply to the DataPower appliance manager.

  1. From the console, click Servers > DataPower > Appliance manager settings.

  2. To change the maximum number of domain and settings versions that can be stored in the DataPower appliance manager, specify a new value in the Maximum number of versions to store field.

    When the value specified in this field is exceeded, the DataPower appliance manager does not allow you to create any new versions until you delete one or more of the existing versions.

    Avoid trouble: If we decrease the value for this setting, you might lose versions if the current number of versions stored exceeds the new maximum number of versions stored.gotcha

  3. To change the directory where firmware versions, shareable appliance settings and managed domain versions are saved, specify thet new directory in the Versions directory field.

    Avoid trouble: If we change the versions directory, you must move all of the current versions from the current directory to the new directory. This process might take a considerable amount of time, depending on how many versions you have, and could keep the appliance manager from performing other operationsgotcha

  4. View the status for the appliance manager.

    The DataPower appliance manager automatically starts when the deployment manager starts, if the appliance manager has appliances to manage. The appliance manager also automatically starts when a user submits a request to the appliance manager. For example, displaying the list of appliances defined in the appliance manager causes the appliance manager to start if it is not already running.

  5. In the Operations section, click Export to export a copy of the DataPower appliance manager configuration to a file. This process is useful to create backup copies of the appliance manager configuration.

  6. In the Operations section, click Import to import the DataPower appliance manager configuration from a file. The file that you import from must reside on the same system as the deployment manager.

  7. If we changed the maximum number of versions you want stored, or you changed the version directory, click Apply to apply the changes.

  8. Click Shutdown Manager if we need to stop the appliance manager.


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