Modify DataPower appliance settings

We can use the console to modify the shared appliance settings for an appliance.

Verify that the DataPower appliance manager is managing this appliance. We cannot use the console to change the sharable appliance settings for an appliance that has not been added to the DataPower appliance manager.

Complete the one or more of the following actions to make modifications to the settings for an appliance.

  1. From the console, click Servers > DataPower > Appliances > appliance_name.

  2. Specify a different IP address or fully qualified host name in the Host name field.

  3. Specify a different XML management interface port for the DataPower appliance to use in the Administrative port field.

    Avoid trouble: Remember that the XML management interface port, which defaults to port number 5550, is different from the Web Management Service port, which defaults to port number 9090. The DataPower appliance manager uses the XML management interface port to manage the DataPower appliances. Use Web Management Service port to access the WebGUI on the DataPower appliance. We can use the same user ID and password to access both the XML management interface and the WebGUI. gotcha

  4. Specify a different user ID in the User ID field.

  5. Specify a new password to associated with the user ID in the Password and Verify password fields.

  6. Select an appliance type from the list of appliance types in the Appliance type field.

  7. In the Domains section, expand Managed Domains, or Unmanaged Domains to view a list of managed and unmanaged domains associated with this appliance.

    To change one or more managed domains to unmanaged domains, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets > managedset_name, select the domains to change, and then clickUnmanage. Similarly, to change one or more unmanaged domains to managed domains, select the domains to change, and then click Manage.

    Clicking either Manage or Unmanage, creates an appliance manager task. To know when this task completes, we can click Servers > DataPower > Tasks to check the status of this task.

  8. Click OK to save a copy of the changed settings as a new settings version.

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