Replacing a DataPower appliance

If a problem occurs that makes a DataPower appliance unable to function properly, we can use the DataPower appliance manager to copy the configuration of that appliance to a different appliance.

Verify that the replacement DataPower appliance:

Avoid trouble: Do not remove a DataPower appliance from a managed set if it is the only appliance in that managed set, until you have added the replacement appliance to that managed set. Removing the last appliance from a managed set causes the managed set to be deleted, and all of the versions of the shareable settings and domains to be removed from the DataPower appliance manager. There is not any way for you to recover these removed versions.gotcha

For security reasons, the DataPower appliance manager does not include Crypto material, such as keys and certificates, in the shareable settings and domain versions that it creates. Therefore, the following procedure does not include the restoration of Crypto material. After you replace an appliance, you must manually add the Crypto material for the replacement appliance.

  1. From the console, click Servers > DataPower > Managed sets >

  2. Click the name of the managed set to which the DataPower appliance that is being replaced belongs, and then click Edit Membership.

  3. Select the replacement appliance, and then click Add

  4. Click Synchronize to manually synchronize the firmware, shared appliance settings and managed domains throughout the managed set.

    The appliance manager always attempts to keep the firmware, shared appliance settings and managed domains synchronized across all of the appliances in a managed set. However, when we can click Synchronize, you are forcing an immediate synchronization to occur.

  5. Click Edit Membership, and select the appliance that you are replacing, and then click Remove.


The replacement appliance is being added to the managed set, and the original appliance is being removed from the managed set.

What to do next

Click Servers > DataPower > Tasks to monitor the progress of the addition of the replacement appliance to the managed set, and the removal of the original appliance from the managed set.

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