Add DataPower appliances to the DataPower appliance manager

We can use the DataPower appliance manager provided with the product to administer a DataPower appliance. After you add an appliance to the DataPower appliance manager, we can make it part of a managed set of appliances if you want the DataPower appliance manager to keep the shared appliance settings for this appliance synchronized with the shared appliance settings of the other appliances that are part of that managed set.

We can use the console to add a new DataPower appliance or to access the DataPower WebGUI. To access the DataPower WebGUI, in the console, click Servers > DataPower > Appliances, and then click Launch. Complete the following steps to add a add a new DataPower appliance.

Avoid trouble: Remember that the XML management interface port, which defaults to port number 5550, is different from the Web Management Service port, which defaults to port number 9090. The DataPower appliance manager uses the XML management interface port to manage the DataPower appliances. Use Web Management Service port to access the WebGUI on the DataPower appliance. We can use the same user ID and password to access both the XML management interface and the WebGUI. gotcha

  1. In the console, click Servers > DataPower > Appliances > New.

  2. Specify a unique name for the appliance in the Name field. An appliance name must be unique and cannot contain an invalid character. The name field cannot contain the characters # $ @ \ / , : ; " * ? < > | = + & % or '.

  3. Specify an IP address or fully qualified host name in the Host name field.

  4. Specify the XML management interface port that the DataPower appliance uses in the Administrative port field.

  5. Specify the ID to use to connect to the DataPower appliance in the User ID field.

  6. Specify the password to associate with the user ID in the Password and Verify password fields.

  7. Click OK to add the new appliance.


The DataPower appliance manager is managing this appliance.

What to do next

We can change appliance settings, add the appliance to a managed set, or remove the appliance from the DataPower appliance manager.

Avoid trouble: For security reasons, the DataPower appliance manager does not include Crypto material, such as keys and certificates, in the shareable settings and domain versions that it creates. Therefore, after you add an appliance to the appliance manager, you must manually add any Crypto material to apply for the new appliance.gotcha


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