Migrate applications to use data sources of the current Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA)

Migrate the applications that use Version 4 data sources, or data sources (WebSphere Application Server V4), to use data sources that support more advanced connection management features, such as connection sharing.

To use the connection management infrastructure in the application server, package the application as a Java EE 1.3 or later application. This process involves repackaging the web modules to the 2.3 specification and the EJB modules to the 2.1 specification before installing them onto WebSphere Application Server.

(zos) Applications left at the Java EE 1.2 level will continue to run fine using the connection management support that was available at V4.0; simply create the JDBC provider and data source, and install the 4.0 application as-is. If we choose to repackage the application for version 6.0 or above we can not use a Version 4.0 data source. We must use the other data source option, which supports applications coded to the Java EE 1.3 specifications, at minimum.


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