Work with server configuration files

Application server configuration files define the available application servers, their configurations, and their contents.

By default, configuration repositories reside in...

Do NOT store any non-default XML or XML backup files under profile_root/config.

Limit the config directory and subdirectories to valid default WebSphere Application Server configuration files. A variety of symptoms and exceptions are possible if non-default files are stored in this directory.

A cell-level repository stores configuration data for the entire cell and is managed by a file repository service that runs in the deployment manager. The deployment manager and each node have their own repositories. A node-level repository stores configuration data needed by processes on that node and is accessed by the node agent and application servers on that node.

When you change a WAS configuration by creating an application server, installing an application, changing a variable definition or the like, and then save the changes, the cell-level repository is updated. The file synchronization service distributes the changes to the appropriate nodes.

You should periodically save changes to the administrative configuration. We can change the default locations of configuration files, as needed.


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