Handle temporary configuration files resulting from session timeout

If the console is not used for 15 minutes or more, the session times out. The same thing happens if you close the browser window without saving the configuration file. Changes to the file are saved to a temporary file when the session times out, after 15 minutes. This topic discusses what happens depending on whether you load the saved file.

A configuration file must have been saved from a previous console session for the user ID that you are currently using to access the console.

When a session times out, the configuration file in use is saved under the userid/timeout directory under the ServletContext's temp area. Value of the javax.servlet.context.tempdir attribute of the ServletContext context. By default, it is:

We can change the temp area by specifying it as a value for the tempDir init-param of the action servlet in the deployment descriptor (web.xml) of the administrative application.

The configuration file is also saved automatically when the same user ID logs into the non-secured console again, effectively starting a different session. This process is equivalent to forcing the existing user ID out of session, similar to a session timing out.

The next time you log on to the console, you are prompted to load the saved configuration file. Do one of the following actions:


You loaded the saved configuration file if you chose to do so.

What to do next

Once you have logged into the console, do whatever administration of WAS that we need to do.

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