Runtime tasks collection

Tasks are generated by runtime components . When a task generates, information is provided so that we can accept or deny the suggested action plan. There are various types of tasks, depending on the task actions and status. To view this console page, click System administration > Task management > Runtime tasks. From this page, we can act on a task, view the task target objects and view the task action plan.

We can filter the list of runtime tasks by state or severity. To save the filter that you create, select Preferences and Retain filter criteria. Click Apply to save the filter. To remove the saved filter, click Reset.


Select the action for the task. We can perform the following actions on approval type tasks:

We can act on multiple tasks concurrently. After you act on a task, the action list is unavailable for that task.

For tasks that are not approval type tasks, the accept and deny actions are unavailable.

Task ID

Specifies the global ID and an explanation of the task.


Current state of the task.


Specifies the global severity of the task, which is relative to the task target object severities.

Originated time

Date and time the task was submitted by runtime component.

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